• 29 September 2021
  • Sylvain

Beesputty is now available  in the shop,

it's the polymer clay I use to sculpt most of the miniatures in the range.

You can work it for as long as necessary, and once the sculpture is complete, bake it at 130°C to make it plastic hard.

There are 4 types of hardness: firm, double firm, triple firm and quadruple firm. I suggest to start with triplefirm, which I find better suited for miniature sculpting. From there you can see if you need something softer or harder.

It also comes in different colors: grey for all types of hardness, as well as light skin, dark skin and white for triple firm, and a grey/green for quadruplefirm.

You can mix different kinds of putties to get new colors or even intermediate hardness. It's especially useful if you want to get new skin colors: mixing light skin and white for a lighter tone, or dark skin and light skin for an intermediate skin color.

You need to mix Beesputty between your fingers to make it softer before sculpting. Or you can place some putty in a plastic bag in hot water for a quicker result.

You can smooth Beesputty with a paintbrush and isopropanol.